Goa – The Land Of Allowance

Resistance is futile


Let’s say, it was 5 a.m. in the morning of summer 2016. I was wide awake. Then,

Mom(diligently):- I was wondering if you’d like to have some coffee. Me(sighing):- Black, two sugars please. I will be in my room. Standing by the window, sipping my coffee, listening to the title track of Interstellar- Stay, I was longing to go somewhere on a vacation. I was quite fascinated by the stories of Pico Iyer and Bill Bryson, which I had been reading for quite a time now. Suddenly, I recalled my Goa days. It’s been a while since I have been to Goa. The last time I was there, it was the year 2013. I didn’t had the knack of travelling back then as for now it was a habit. Goa is known for it’s rich heritage and culture which goes back to…. Something which Iam too lazy to google😂. I was bowled over to see the rock art engravings resembling the earliest traces of human life. Panaji is known to be it’s capital and Vasco da Gama being the largest city. The scenes were stunning. The city Margao exhibits the cultural influence of Portuguese, who first arrived there as merchants in the early 16th century and conquered it thereafter. It was annexed by India in 1961.

Image Source – New Indian Express

Now, you all must be thinking how foolish Iam that I have observed Goa from an historical angle or you may put it down as your so called, “HISTORICAL STUFF.” When it comes to Goa, nothing else matters except the beaches and the parties. But, personally I don’t understand why do people only exaggerate about beaches in Goa. There is so much to feel and to live in Goa. The parties and the beaches gives only pleasure to the mind. We are a pleasure seeking society. We spend our energy seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Why so? If observed deeply, there are so many sights which not only gives satisfaction to our mind but also to our soul. Apart from that; the life, the architecture, the rich flora and fauna that I felt in Goa was much more close to my heart as it represents the diverse culture instead of entertainment. These were the moments which I ought not to forget. Now, that begins by thinking rationally. Some of the places may include:-

1. Chapora Fort

Image Source – MakeMyTrip

It is the ancient fort in North Goa which offers splendid views of the adjacent Vagator Beach. It first got noticed in the film Dil Chahta Hai where the 3 friends had the philosophical talk about their friendship. One should definitely view the sunset from here. It’s magnificient as the fort sits on a prominent position which commands views in all directions. Mamma mia what a beauty!!

2. Basilica de Bom Jesus

Image Source – Holidify

The UNESCO World Heritage Site which happens to be a church situated in Old Goa is an excellent example of Baroque Architecture. It was constructed in the year 1605 and is considered to be one of the most important destinations for Christian pilgrims all over the world. It also holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The remains of the saint still attract a huge number of tourists.

3. Kegdole Beach

Image Source – MakeMyTrip

Though I said, it’s always not about the beaches but there will always be exceptions. It is one of the most less frequented beaches of Goa. It is one of the most serene and less commercialized beaches in Goa. One can possibly live a reclusive life here and is a sight to behold. Though, I plan to do the same. The epitome of perfect relaxation from the world.

There are many other spots which are vibrant and provide a bold picturesque but the list won’t end.

Then, I came back to the present and became quite content about the blast from the past. But I believe on the term, to travel is to live.

In the aftermath,

Dad(in a burst of passion):- Pack up your bags, we are going to Kolkata tomorrow.

And, I never complained😀😀…..

Life is a story

Making it the best-seller

Life. What is it’s true perspective? Iam sure I don’t know. My life is my life. I will never let anyone take control of it. I had a dream once, where I was all alone in this world. I felt free. It seems like I have been released from the clutches of my parents and surroundings. Some of my friends really create a bad atmosphere. They talk about cracking IIT’s and IIM’s. Also there are some who talk about cracking AIIMS and so. It gives me a terrible headache. Well, the bottom line is that Engineering and Medical are considered to be the apogee of human profession. If my parents had the modicum of sense, they would have understood that I didn’t want to become an Engineer. I love literature and I want to travel. I have no intention of settling down. I want to get lost somewhere. Even my best friends don’t know what I want from my life. Iam a Maverick. I want to cultivate on my passion rather than to run into a napster. Ohh, how desperately I hated the Entrance Examinations! When I had that dream of mine, I was very sure that it was real then I woke up suddenly and realized something was actually strange. In the aftermath, I was browsing the internet looking for something efficacious. To my utter dismay, I ran into lucid dreaming. I went through the entire session and learnt the basics. Obviously, I wasn’t victorious at my first attempt but gradually as I progressed, it turned out to be accurate. Just like Inception😉

Image Source – Daily SMS Collection

Though I loved sleeping😂, I practiced it everytime. I was facing my fears, wandering like a vagabond, free from anxiety and depression and many more. I was fully aware of my dreams and knew this is not happening but still, somethings are best left unsaid. But, I came to a very sad realization that all of this won’t be true unless I convince my parents. They are a bit rational and there was the key effect of the 21st century that you won’t make money unless you are an engineer or a doctor. I said, give me a break. Money isn’t my key concern. The only thing I will be concerned about is my happiness. Happiness is the key to a bright future. There are a list of things that money can’t buy and in that list, happiness seems to be at the top. During my academic, there was a short story in English Literature named ”One Thousand Dollars” written by O.Henry. One should definitely give it a read. The story is about a spoiled young man who must decide what to do with the $1000, which he inherited from his uncle. The story is so much soothing to the ears that one can only imagine as it deals with eternal happiness. One should simply start seizing the day and live this day fully. One shouldn’t rest until his/her work is complete as there will be time to rest when you die. Rather than listening to your parents, do what you love. Do cultivate on your passion, everything becomes fun.